1290 Holly Bank Circle

Here in Dunwoody, we are not on a big body of water and we don’t have “views” like a mountain home may have or a high-rise condo. Here in Dunwoody, we have good solid public schools and an amazing LOCATION within the metro Atlanta area!! That is what drives 80% of the value of your home. Those two items. If you remove either one of them you’re home price would drop 40% overnight. The remaining 20% is made up of location within the location, the lot characteristics, and then the condition of the home (the only thing that can be changed).

The home Farmhouse has listed at 1290 Holly Bank Circle is an absolute gold mine in terms of “value”.This home is the best value I have seen in the past 18 months in Dunwoody. Because we are in Dunwoody, the location and school check the box. Austin Elementary. There is 80% of your value. Let’s move on to the other criteria. Location within the location. Literal minutes walk to Austin Elementary, Dunwoody Nature Center, Dunwoody Village, Wynterhall Swim/Tennis, and the future park at the old Austin site. Other than proximity to Roberts (which is also why the walks to all these places are so short) you cannot and will not beat this location within Dunwoody.

The lot characteristics:
– 0.6 acre flat as flat can be a lot with zoysia grass and gorgeous mature landscaping. Again, cannot be beaten.
– The condition of the home is the tiny piece that so many people get caught in the minutia of. The main suite is smaller than some are used to and the basement needs to be finished. I see those issues and raise you 5 bedrooms upstairs and 3 full baths upstairs (everyone wants that and can’t find it with all the 4/2.5’s we have).
– A screened-in vaulted porch with a stone fireplace.
– 4 sided brick.
– Hardwoods throughout up and downstairs.
– Brand new windows everywhere (can’t find that in most Dunwoody homes).
– Brand new flat driveway perfect for extra parking and a crap ton of basketball games that don’t end with the ball rolling down the driveway into oblivion.

As the Village progresses in its awesomeness and the park is built at the old Austin site, you will look back and say, “Damn, I remember when you could buy that house right there in the middle of all this on a huge lot for $630k”. If you’re an agent and have read this far, go show it!! You’ll be a hero 5 years from now. If you don’t have an agent, call me now, and let’s get this done. It will be your most solid investment.

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