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Selling homes is a lot easier with Paula Wideman in your arsenal of tools. With her vision, any house can become the perfect home.

Paula Carr Wideman is the founder of paulaproduct, a space and product design company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For over 20 years, Paula has been a visual storyteller infusing a level of skill, experience, and discernment into her projects that has produced award-winning commercial spaces globally. Her design intuition has made her a sought-out expert at choreographing guest experiences in high-traffic commercial, retail, entertainment, and corporate spaces, including the Atlanta United FC training facility, Atlanta; Mall Plaza Los Dominicos, Santiago, Chile; Sea World Retail Shops, nationally; and the Ted’s Montana Grill Prototype Design.

Farmhouse agents have brought paulaproduct in to consult on numerous showings to help clients envision what is possible at certain properties. “Paula is simply one of the most wonderful and talented people I have ever worked with!  She sees space and structures in a different dimension from all of us. It’s so exciting to watch the ideas just start flowing out of her!” – Brandon Adkins, Owner/Managing Broker

paulaproduct also creates many commercial spaces. Formerly employed with one of the most prestigious architecture and design firms in the world, Paula now offers design and consulting services through paulaproduct with an emphasis on restaurants, entertainment, retail, mixed-use development projects and product design. Check out this sketch of the Farmhouse Nandina Lane property:

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